Video Recordings

IMATS provides video recording from Course Lectures to Events on Barnard's campus. This service is for Barnard-affiliated faculty and staff ONLY. IMATS does not provide video recording services for student groups or individual students. 

Faculty and staff members are required to fill out the Video Request Form.

Please see below for specific policies regarding the different services. 

Course Lectures
For the majority of class lectures, an audio recording is simplest and most efficient method to provide access to content. Faculty members can fill out the Equipment Request Form to reserve and pick up the equipment. IMATS staff can provide training and assistance as needed. When the equipment is returned, IMATS staff can help upload the file to CourseWorks.

  • Faculty members must fill out the form at least 2 week in advance
  • For a weekly service, we ask that you contact IMATS Assistant, Karl-Mary Akre at 
  • During religious holidays, we ask that faculty members please book ahead of time or use audio recordings since we will be very busy with multiple video recordings at the same time. 

Events & Performances
Event spaces are booked through Events Managements through VEMS. All Video request must be done using using the Video Request Form.

  • Requests must be made 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Events Management must receive a signed copy of the Barnard College speaker release form at least 48 hours before the event.
  • Events cannot exceed 3 hours in order to be eligible for recording.
  • All video shoots will be recorded with 1 stationary camera. We will not be able to accommodate 2 camera video shoots or handheld camera operations.
  • A digital file of the event will made available for download via Google Drive for 1 month after the event.
  • We offer Livestreaming services only in the Event Oval.

If you have any questions regarding video recording requests, please contact IMATS Assistant, Karl-Mary Akre at .