Barnard Canvas Transition

Final Phase of Canvas Migration

Starting Fall 2017 all courses will be on Canvas. CourseWorks Sakai will no longer be used as a Learning Management Platform and remain only as an archive.

This last leg of the transition to Canvas is happening throughout the Spring 2017 term. By the end of term all Barnard departments and faculty will be migrated to Canvas. Please note that these transitions should be all completed by the end of the term/finals (May 11th).

IMATS is holding 30-60 minute "working sessions" geared toward getting faculty's courses ready for the fall term. These sessions are practical and useful: faculty typically leave with some portions (if not all) of their courses complete.  The goal is that this is an effective use of time for everyone.  

Department: Schedule immediately if there are no current plans to migrate before the deadline (5/11)!

Contact and immediately and we will help coordinate.

  • If there is a remaining department meeting, consider adding us to your agenda. 
  • If there are no remaining meetings, please try to coordinate a date and time when all or most faculty can attend.
  • We request departments come to the Instruction Lab (LeFrak 113) for the working session. 

Workshops - Held Weekly at Bulter Library all terms, summer and interims.

All semester long, the Center for Teaching and Learning  (CTL) will offer workshops for faculty who are transitioning to Canvas. Faculty can take advantage of any of these upcoming sessions. Visit the CTL's website for updates as new sessions will be added to the schedule.
Here are other Canvas support options: