Tools & Resources

If you are thinking of using educational technology to engage your students, IMATS can help.  We can brainstorm ideas, answer questions, and may be able to assign a graduate assistant to help you and your students.

We support:

Media Projects

Video and multimedia projects can be a meaningful way for students to synthesize information from different sources, pursue a line of inquiry, demonstrate learning in multimodal channels, or tell a powerful story. Not only is sharing research with a broad audience rewarding, but video projects present students with the challenges of time management, working from concept to execution, collaboration, and choosing appropriate technologies.  We can offer curriculum support and strategizing on ways to use media in different ways for a variety of purposes; we also offer hands-on production and editing workshops.  A few past examples include: instead of writing term papers, students created an oral history podcast; shot and produced German soap operas; and demonstrated psychological theories through cell phone videos.  


We support student and faculty research projects, ranging from setting up surveys through Google Surveys or Qualtrics, to splicing footage into single frames for research purposes, to assistance with proposal writing.  We have also consulted with students working on thesis projects related to media and technology. 

Interactivity + Engagement

We can assist classes with tools and technologies to enhance interactivity and engagement with course materials and activities.  For example, we have supported several flipped classroom models, where lecture content is video-taped and posted online, allowing for more class time for questions, labs, discussion, groupwork, etc.; we have also piloted interactive video tools.  


Whether your project is related to the classroom or to your own research, we're willing to support you. To obtain more information or schedule an appointment, please contact Melanie Hibbert - Associate Director of Instructional Media Services, at 212-853-0729 or