Advanced Video Equipment


V-1 (BC Production Class only), advanced HD camcorder, tripod, SD card

V-2 (BC Production Class only), digital SLR camera, tripod, SD card

  • Lighting

    • LED Lighting Kit

    • Soft Box Lighting Kit (BC film production only)

    • 3 Point Lighting Kit (BC film production only)

    • Reflector

    • Green Screen

    • C-Stand

    • Other Lighting Accessories (Inquire at IMATS)

  • Audio

    • Shotgun, XLR cable

    • Advanced Audio Recorder (Training Required)

    • Boom Pole

    • Wired lavalier mics

    • Wireless lavalier mics

    • Headphones

    • Other audio accessories (Inquire at IMATS)

  • Other

    • SD card reader

Please fill out an equipment request form to reserve equipment. Standard check out periods are for 3 days. To renew equipment, please e-mail, or call 212-854-2418. One-time renewals are based on availability.

For post-production equipment, i.e. computers for video editing, visit the Editing Suite page.