AV for Classrooms


Picture of a classroom

There are more than 50 classrooms and instructional spaces equipped with computer and video projection systems throughout campus. If you'd like to setup an orientation for the A/V technology system in your classroom, please fill out the Classroom Support Request Form.

Please note that IMATS does not pick up and deliver DVDS/VHS to your class. For course screening reservations, please fill out this form.

A full catalog of classrooms on campus is available below.

Portable Classroom Equipment

A wide range of portable media equipment is available for instructional use, including:

  • Portable projectors
  • Laptops
  • Document cameras
  • Digital video cameras 
  • Digital audio recorders

Advance notice is recommended for equipment loans and operator requests. Please fill out the Classroom Support Request Form or contact us at (212) 854-2418 or imats@barnard.edu for more information.

If you are looking for Event Support, please fill out this form or visit our event support page for further information.