Meet the Staff

Melanie Hibbert

Director of Instructional Media

& Technology

(212) 853-0729

Ben Rosner

Instructional Applications


Image of Benjamin Rosner


(212) 854-9005


Karl-Mary Akre

Senior Administrative Assistant 


Image of Christian Delpin

(212) 854-0408


Patrick Eisenhauer

Associate Director of Audiovisual

Technology Services

Image of P


(212) 854-3021


Ruby Mastrodimos

Media Center/Movement Lab

Post-Baccalaureate Fellow




Elana Altman

Academic Technologist,

Web and UX

Rachel James

Media Specialist


Marko Krkeljas

Academic Technologist

and Developer

Audiovisual Technology Services Technicians

Stanislav Gasanenko


Image of Stanislav Gasanenko


(212) 854-3021


Inkyoung (Ken) Kim


Image of Inkyoung (Ken) Kim

(212) 854-3021


Jason Kocher


Image of Jason Kocher


(212) 854-3021


Christopher Day


Image of Christopher Day


(212) 854-5057

Christian Delpin


Image of Inkyoung (Ken) Kim


(212) 854-3021


Student Workers


Alexandria Pontious

Kristen Arsenault

Allison Costa

Jenna Bucien

Ally Benitez

Mara Danoff

Anne-Laure Razat

Olinah Hassan

Bonnie McRae

Momo Arbeit

Eva-Quenby Johnson

Ilana Doran

Samantha Doss

Gabriela Castro Castro

Hannah Leoni-Hughes

Xinyue You



Check out the IMATS video collection. Produced, directed, and edited by our wonderful student team.

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