Course Evaluations

Please note the following regarding evaluations with the adoption of CourseWorks Canvas. 

  • For Students: Access evaluations on CourseWorks Canvas, or by clicking a link in any of the reminder notification emails sent.  Evaluations are completely anonymous.  To request a reset/retake please email and provide the full course ID.  We cannot move responses, nor see them to provide you a copy (recall that evaluations are anonymous).
  • For Faculty: Evaluations are accessed on CourseWorks [] AND NOT from your individual courses. From the main CourseWorks page click on My Evaluations to see pending evaluations, or to retrieve past evaluation reports. 
    Please contact Ben Rosner @ with questions.  Department Administrators can pull evaluation reports.
  • For Evaluation Administrators: Evaluations are still accessed and configured on CourseWorks []. Access a list of your department's courses by using the Delegated Access course search - filter by Department Name and Term and click Search. Everything remains the same, please contact the evaluations team with questions.

At the end of each semester, Barnard students are asked to evaluate their courses via evaluation forms in CourseWorks.  

Student feedback is used in two ways:

  • The faculty incorporate student feedback as they continuously revise and enhance their courses.
  • Data from these surveys are key elements in how the College evaluates teaching during the reappointment, tenure and promotion processes.


In the CourseWorks system, the identity of respondents is confidential; responses are not linked to the student who submitted them.  As an additional step, instructors cannot view any responses at all until after their course grades have been submitted. The CourseWorks system allows instructors to send an email to "nonrespondents" to encourage participation, but they cannot identify which particular students have or have not completed the evaluation.

Grade Blocks for nonresponding students

Students are requested to submit all assigned evaluation forms for all courses. To encourage participation, Barnard students (except for graduating seniors) who don't submit all the evaluation forms for a Barnard course (whether filled in completely, partially, or not at all) will be blocked from viewing their grade online in that course for three (3) weeks.

Types of Evaluation form

A standard evaluation form will be applied to most Barnard courses, but instructors or departments may add up to ten supplemental questions of their own. There are distinct templates or forms for Lectures/Seminars and for Labs. If there are Teaching Assistants for a course, they are included in the evaluations; variants of each form are created and applied depending on how many instructors or TAs are being evaluated for a given course. 

Here are the standard forms:

How instructors, department chairs, program directors, and department administrators can ensure that course evaluations are carried out properly

  1. Work with the Provost's Office and IMATS to ensure that the right courses are being evaluated, and that the correct form is assigned to each course.
  2. Review CourseWorks rosters for courses under your purview, ensuring that Instructors and TAs are properly designated if they are being evaluated.
  3. Optionally add up to ten (10) additional questions.
  4. Encourage students to fill out the forms during the evaluation period.
  5. Instructions for Delegated Access



First two weeks of March (Spring) & Last two weeks of October (Fall): Academic Departments complete Department Worksheets
Department Chairs and Program Directors and their administrative assistants receive worksheets listing their courses from the Provost’s Office via Google Drive. On the worksheet they indicate which courses should be evaluated, which type of evaluation template or form should be used for each course (e.g., lecture or lab) and how many instructors and TAs will be evaluated. They also confirm that the participants in each course are listed correctly in CourseWorks, including NRA participants (Non-Registered Attendees).

Last two weeks of March & First two weeks of November: The Provost’s Office reviews Department Worksheets
The staff of the Provost’s Office goes through the department worksheets to make sure they are complete, resolves any issues, and determines which type of evaluation is needed for each course. The staff of IMATS assigns the appropriate evaluation forms to each course in CourseWorks.

First two week of April  & Last two weeks of November: Academic Departments review the evaluation forms on CourseWorks
Instructors and/or department assistants check the evaluation forms in CourseWorks to make sure that the correct templates have been assigned to each course, that the instructors and TAs are properly designated on course rosters, and optionally add up to 10 course-specific questions. After the finalized evaluation forms are assigned to courses, no more changes are possible. 

Instructions for instructors to add up to 10 course-specific questions to evaluations:

  1. Before you add course-specific questions to your evaluation, please check with your department chair(s) and department assistant/administrator to see if there are any applicable policies and/or guidelines for your department.
  2. In CourseWorks, go into your course.
  3. Click on "Evaluation" on the menu on the left side.
  4. Click on the plus sign next to the evaluation name to open the evaluation.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the evaluation to where it says "Add Additional Questions."
  6. Select the type of question from the menu and click "Add."
  7. Fill out the box that opens and then click "Save Item."

Week leading to Course Evaluations (April, November): Dean of Students emails students
The Dean of Students sends out an email telling all students that it is time to complete the evaluations on CourseWorks.

Two weeks before Student Final Exams start: Course Evaluation Period Begins
The evaluations forms are available on CourseWorks to be completed by course participants. Instructors are encouraged to remind students in class that course evaluations are posted during this period.

The evening before Student Final Exams begins11:59pm: Course Evaluation Period Ends and IMATS informs the Registrar’s Office which students have not completed evaluations
Students who do not complete their course evaluations, with the exception of graduating students, will have their grades blocked (see gradeblock). Instructors are encouraged to send a reminder to those students who have not yet submitted forms using the Send Email to Non-Respondents feature.

Finals End for Students: Evaluation Reports are Released  to Instructors on a Rolling Basis
Please contact to request your evaluation as they will no longer automatically unlock.

Two weeks post-Final Exams: End of Grade Block Period
Students who did not complete evaluations can now view their grades online.

Two weeks post-Final Exams: ALL Evaluation Reports released
Faculty and department assistants can access and download the evaluation reports in CourseWorks.

To download evaluation reports:

  1. Log in to your CourseWorks account and go to Delegated Access at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
  2. Search for the course (by department, course number or instructor's (User's) name) and term
  3. Go to the site for the course and click on "Evaluation" in the left-hand menu
  4. Click on "View Report."
  5. If the option to view the report is not available, it means that the instructor has not yet submitted the grades for the class.


Non-Registered Attendees

By default, non-registered attendees (NRAs) will not have access to the evaluations unless otherwise specified, and are not included in the calculation of the response rate. If more than one CourseWorks site exists for a course, students will only be able to access the evaluation in the section in which they are officially registered.

Evaluations of Graduate-level Courses

All graduate-level courses are evaluated by Columbia Arts & Sciences.  Their procedures are described here.  You will need to contact the Columbia department chair or administrator to receive the reports.

Accessing Evaluations from Previous Semesters

  • You can only access evaluations for courses in which you were a participant or have Delegated Access.
  • For courses in which you were a participant, go to the course site and click on “My Evaluations” in the left-hand menu.
  • For courses for which you have delegated access, click on “Evaluation” at the bottom left under “My Admin Access.”
    • Hover the cursor over “Reports” at the top, select “Search Reports” and search by course, instructor, department, etc.
    • For courses before 2013, click on “Search Reports from Old CourseWorks.”
    • When searching for reports from Old CourseWorks, depending on the browser you are using and its settings, you may see a warning saying “This Connection is Untrusted” - see below:

    • You can click on “I Understand the Risks” and then click on “Add Exception.”
    • The Add Security Exception dialog box will appear. 
    • Click on “Confirm Security Exception,” and you will be able to go to the Old CourseWorks site.
    • If “I Understand the Risks” is missing, it is because the page from Old CourseWorks is within an iframe.  That is, it is framed by the left-hand side and top menus of New CourseWorks.  You can right-click within the iframe and choose This Frame > Open Frame in New Tab.  The warning page saying “This Connection is Untrusted” will appear again, this time with the link “I Understand the Risks” and you can continue as above.


Contact or the Provost's Office with questions and comments about Barnard course evaluations. Student may also check with the instructor, department chair, or department assistants/administrators.

Columbia undergraduate and graduate courses are also evaluated via CourseWorks, but using different forms and independent policies & procedures. Contact for questions and comments about Columbia course evaluations.